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Lawn Care Services – Keeping Your Lawn Healthy, Vibrant and Beautiful

Lawn care services provide a variety of treatments to keep your lawn healthy, vibrant and beautiful. From mowing and fertilizing to aerating and weed control, these professionals have the knowledge and tools to help you maintain a green lawn all year long. While professional lawn care is an expensive investment, there are a number of options for you to consider.

If you haven’t had your lawn checked in recent years, you may be surprised to find that there are a number of problems that can threaten the health of your turf. Some of these include weeds, fungus, insects and even a variety of disease. The best way to avoid these issues is to test your soil for any nutrient deficiencies. These tests can be obtained from your local extension agent or county agricultural department.

Fertilizer: During the spring and fall, it is a good idea to add fertilizer to your lawn. Many lawn-care companies recommend four or five applications during the growing season. However, the actual amount you will need will depend on your region, grass type, and the weather. You can also take a soil sample yourself and consult a soil testing lab to determine how much you will need.

Lime: A lime application can make your grass less acidic and more able to absorb nutrients. Lime will also restore the pH level of your soil. This will make your lawn more resilient to drought. To decide how much lime to use, get a soil test kit from your county extension office and use it to check the pH of your soil.

Watering: Water your lawn deeply, and twice a week during the summer. Water early in the morning to avoid evaporation. Allow water to penetrate the soil several inches deep to encourage deep roots.

Insect control: An insect-free lawn can save you money. But if you do choose to treat your lawn, you should insist on targeted control of pests. Using insecticides can cause resistant strains of insects and may harm earthworms, which are important for a healthy lawn.

Weed control: It’s a good idea to remove weeds before they get started. This will prevent weed seeds from germinating. Also, a thick, lush lawn will discourage weeds from growing. When a weed gets started, it will quickly grow and spread.

Lawn maintenance includes spring cleanup, edging and mowing. Spring cleanup helps to clear away last season’s debris and prepare your lawn for the new season. Keeping your lawn looking nice and clean will improve its curb appeal and the appearance of your flower beds.

Aeration: Core aerators can be used to aerate the roots of your grass. This will allow more air to penetrate the roots and help the grass to thrive. Especially during hot and dry weather, aeration can be particularly beneficial.

Insect control: Some lawn care companies offer a weed and feed product to kill weeds. These products are effective in controlling weeds, but they have to be applied in the right conditions. Generally, the product should be applied when the sun is high and the temperatures are between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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